Your headshot is your most important marketing tool and it has to make an impression…

Whether you are an experienced actor, model, artist of any sort or not – we’ll work together on getting you what you need.


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Your Headshot

It is a fact that you better your chances of being taken seriously with a great professional headshot – it is a valuable investment and if you are serious about acting – one which must be made. Without it you may be wasting precious time, sometimes years.

We are all of us without exception individuals. It is that essence/individuality that gets you noticed – seen by casting directors or other potential employers, and subsequently booked when the right part comes along.

The right headshot is going to aid you in getting you suitable castings for your type. A good picture will get you a good agent and in turn good castings.

Your Shoot

I am a London based photographer who will see you as an individual.

We warm up into the shoot –  I look at your angles. I will get you and life out of you – Your facial expression!…and for these basics to happen you may (or not) require some direction from the photographer. You will have a better idea of how to work with the camera – it is your time to let go and get what you came for – You will be aware of every muscle in your mouth, eyes, eyebrows, your neck, shoulders, your hands, your body – approachable but confident.

You will learn to be better acquainted with the camera and think on it as a friend and confidante and certainly leave with a better idea of when you first came in.

“A professional relaxed, informal and unhurried atmosphere and certainly a degree of rapport with the photographer is vital for that money shot to happen.”

Among my actor clients – Jimmy Akingbola, John Altman, Brian Borello, Loo Brealey, Cary Crankson, Gil Darnell, Vauxhall Jermaine, Tom Knight, Jennifer Lawrence, Asier Newman, Fergus Rees, Agni Scott, Emeka Sesay, Ian Pons Jewell,Theo Stevenson.